The Recording Tape in conversation with Indigo Nation


Startup Nation – Are you IN?

As startup founders and entrepreneurs, our lives are forever occupied with never-ending tasks, sometimes 7 days work week and everyday startup challenges to grapple with. But somewhere in between all the hustle and hard work, we find meaning in our work lives and synthesize our personal life with the meaningful work that we commit to. And that is the generation we are speaking and connecting with – people like you, who grind it out yet find cool reasons to be your own boss and take decisions for yourself, independently and boldly.

As one of the coolest #StartupNation campaign, Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd that serves the country’s youth, who believe in engineering change to steal the show, be your own cool kind of boss – whether in office or on the dance floor finds its resonance with the energetic, always-on and dynamic start-up ecosystem via its brand Indigo Nation.

Indigo Nation has always delivered fast fashion to the young Indian dude who forever aspires to be IN – and is for Gen Y whose morals, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations and definitions are all temporary and short-lived. This brand typifies young, edgy and unconventional fashionable look for not only the new age generation start-ups, but also for people who believe in being their own kind of life owners who seize every opportunity that catapults positive change and vigour.

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To build a‘cult tribe’ of start-ups that share similar attributes like Indigo Nation, the IN team takes a plunge into a conversation with these cool start-ups to get to know more about their start-up life’s the good and the not-so-good facets and how they best connect with their own kind of style and fashion – that not just speaks about them, but also the culture they cultivate in their company.

The Recording Tape in conversation with Indigo Nation

First, let’s take quick peek into The Recording Tape.

The Recording Tape Co. is the brainchild of a triad of talented youngsters, bringing together their love for both music and the camera. We specialise in Photography and Videography services, catering to Musicians and Artist Management groups exclusively

Find us on:

Instagram handle: therecordingtapeco

And so the conversation begins…

1. What defines your dream for living?

The freedom to do what you absolutely love, no matter the returns. Because once you start loving what you do, people will be able to associate with your work better and see your optimum potential.

2. How does it feel to be your own boss?

Liberating and challenging.

3. What do you like doing apart from being a full-time entrepreneur?

We individually have our fields: Jan is a freelance graphic designer and copywriter, Nik is a musician and Shiv is a freelance Assistant Director at an Ad Production House.

4. How do you define ‘change’ in your personal and professional life?

Change is constant, and it matters a lot how ably you adapt to change in surroundings or situations.

5. What are the coolest trends of startup world, which you’d like to share with your fellow audience?

Social media is the biggest boon for any startup. It all probably begins with the creation of that one Facebook page.

6. Do you effortlessly embrace fashion that comes in or you make your own style statement?

We customise any fashion trend and fit our personality in.

7. So what is your and your teams’ style statement? Can you capture it in a photo for us?

Quirk is just the way we roll!


8. What are the top 3 reasons why the fashion will rule the startup culture?

Anything packaged well, sells. Similarly, presenting yourself well matters a lot, be it the clothing you wear or the language you use. It all sets a style for yourself.

9. What differentiates you as person and your team from other startups/ from the competitive startup ecosystem?

One thing that we have learnt over the past 5 years of being friends is that, even if we have ideas individually, we share it with each other to make it better and see if its actually feasible to work on it. We work better as a team. One thing we absolutely love to receive from each other is constructive criticism.

10. What advice you’d like to give the [other] millennials in launching their startups?

We are beginners ourselves. We try to get our inspiration from anything big or small. It’s always important to focus on your USP. You need to set a niche from the rest. Everything else will fall into place.

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