Passion Connect in conversation with Indigo Nation


Startup Nation – Are you IN?

As startup founders and entrepreneurs, our lives are forever occupied with never-ending tasks, sometimes 7 days work week and everyday startup challenges to grapple with. But somewhere in between all the hustle and hard work, we find meaning in our work lives and synthesize our personal life with the meaningful work that we commit to. And that is the generation we are speaking and connecting with – people like you, who grind it out yet find cool reasons to be your own boss and take decisions for yourself, independently and boldly.

As one of the coolest #StartupNation campaign, Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd that serves the country’s youth, who believe in engineering change to steal the show, be your own cool kind of boss – whether in office or on the dance floor finds its resonance with the energetic, always-on and dynamic start-up ecosystem via its brand Indigo Nation.

Indigo Nation has always delivered fast fashion to the young Indian dude who forever aspires to be IN – and is for Gen Y whose morals, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations and definitions are all temporary and short-lived. This brand typifies young, edgy and unconventional fashionable look for not only the new age generation start-ups, but also for people who believe in being their own kind of life owners who seize every opportunity that catapults positive change and vigour.

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 To build a‘cult tribe’ of start-ups that share similar attributes like Indigo Nation, the IN team takes a plunge into a conversation with these cool start-ups to get to know more about their start-up life’s the good and the not-so-good facets and how they best connect with their own kind of style and fashion – that not just speaks about them, but also the culture they cultivate in their company.

Passion Connect in conversation with Indigo Nation

First, let’s take quick peek into Passion Connect.

Passion Connect aims to create an Ecosystem that would also be purposeful; Networking for personal and professional development to help everyone identify, nurture and live their passion. The motto of the company is to ‘Live Your Passion’. 

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And so the conversation begins…

1. What defines your dream for living?

Karthik : Changing people’s Lives

Shubham: Solving a real life problem through innovation

2. How does it feel to be your own boss?

Karthik: It’s different sometimes you are the CEO, sometimes you are the peon. One has to be prepared to do everything.

Shubham: It brings more freedom as well as responsibility. As truly said “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

3. What do you like doing apart from being a full-time entrepreneur?

Karthik : I like to help people change their lives. Ability to smoothly adapt from thinking ‘macro’ to acting ‘micro’ has helped me succeed at work and has enabled me to build a quality profile. In

addition, success as a leader of a few NGO’s and strong commitment to Community service makes a compelling story of my own. I have travelled in both rural and urban India and wish to impact lives by missions; such as Rotary’s TEACH Mission.

In addition to this, developing a sense of business acumen and passion for entrepreneurship will allow for better scalability and ensure long-term sustainability of ventures that I undertake. My social consciousness and desire to ‘make an impact’ will help me pay back to the society.

Shubham: Travelling, Bike Rides, Listening to Hindi Songs. But once you are an entrepreneur, even in free time you keep observing everything through an entrepreneurial angle.

4. How do you define ‘change’ in your personal and professional life?

Karthik: Change is the only constant;

Shubham: Change is inevitable. What matters is how fast and easily you can adapt to that change.

5. What are the coolest trends of startup world, which you’d like to share with your fellow audience?

Karthik : Cool Trends; try to startup in India & make in India, this is where the future is…

Shubham: Innovation and execution.

6. Do you effortlessly embrace fashion that comes in or you make your own style statement? 

I try to make my own style statement. It is about your attitude and not the clothes you are wearing.

7. So what is your and your teams’ style statement? Can you capture it in a photo for us?

Karthik: We don’t have a formal or casual rule. Whatever makes you comfortable and is decent enough is acceptable.

PassionConnect (1)

8. What are the top 3 reasons why the fashion will rule the startup culture?

Karthik & Shubham : Workplace is evolving, allowing for flexible hours & offering workplace environments that are more casual setting designed with all comforts of home and more. Today’s professional wants to feel both comfortable & confident in their clothing and the lines between work and social attire are simplifying.

If you are starting a company you need to be prepared for anything because your day is not 9 to 5. You need to wear clothing that will make you feel confident and have the diversity to get through the day no matter what may happen.

We’ve seen casual dress Fridays expand into casual dress to support a flexible atmosphere. They offer a bridge between professionalism and street wear, inheriting dress collars and partial button downs from their more traditional office predecessors with stretchable, breathable wrinkle free materials.

9. What differentiates you as person and your team from other startups/ from the competitive startup ecosystem?

Karthik: Passion Connect aims to create an Ecosystem that would also be purposeful; Networking for       personal and professional development to help everyone identify, nurture and live their passion.

Shubham: The motto of our company is to Live Your Passion. So, each individual in our team is doing what they love

The Ecosystem Targets At:

  • Providing content relevant to your passion groups
  • Help you share your thoughts and experiences, through discussions and blogs
  • Get inspired by looking at videos of real life passion stories
  • Help you get mentorships into places that help pursue your passion
  • Tools to assess and uncover your true passion
  • An offline (location based) community to help organize events and workshops to provide you the platform to live your passion

10. What advice you’d like to give the [other] millennials in launching their startups?

Karthik: This Journey is not a Sprint; it’s a marathon be prepared; there is hard work.

Believe in your own idea, convince your wife (if married), Co-founder and Family.

Have Relentless Positive optimism, be prepared for segmented pain.

Adjust to society Entrepreneurs love money, money will come. If we build the next big thing money will come.

If the Odds are against it we are stronger, Live Your Passion

Shubham: Don’t become an entrepreneur because it sounds cool. It is a tough journey. Start it if you are ready to bear the pain to finish it.


Karthik Kittu- Co-Founder,CEO

Shubham Deva – Co-Founder, Chief Product Architect

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