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First, let’s take quick peek into LetsService.

Our journey begins with a solid experience that goes through intense thinking, before getting moulded into a sustainable business model for our customers to experience. The fundamentals of LetsService stems from the ethos of great companies that have succeeded for decades and delivered phenomenal value to their customers.

The core purpose of LetsService is sustainability, and in the journey, provide unparalleled convenience to our customers and increased efficiency to our partner service centers.

At LetsService, ‘Customer First’ is not just another poster on the wall, ‘Profitability’ is not just another slide in the presentation and ‘Great Customer Experience’ is not just another promise.

Find us on: http://letsservice.in/#/lsStory

Facebook – www.facebook.com/letsservice

Twitter – @LetsServicetech

1. What defines your dream for living?

Dream is to find peace so that you can spend time sitting on the bank of a river and try to calm it down. Fundamentally, the above can be achieved through success and attainment of self actualization at the earliest.

2. How does it feel to be your own boss?

It’s a great feeling of responsibility and freedom. You are always under pressure and you are the only person who your team will look up to during tough times. Once you are in control of things, life becomes bliss.

3. What do you like doing apart from being a full-time entrepreneur?

I love observing people, trends. I write about them.  I have my own personal lens through which I see the world. I derive lessons from my observation and then translate it into knowledge and share it with people around me. Ever wondered what an Ola cab would talk to its driver everyday at the end of work?

4. How do you define ‘change’ in your personal and professional life?

Change is the only constant. Love it! The minute you run away from it, it becomes your biggest weakness

5. What are the coolest trends of startup world, which you’d like to share with your fellow audience?

The very simple fact that people are starting up is a big trend. It takes a lot to get out of your comfort zone and start building your dream. But it has a mix of different kinds of people. Some who are very serious about innovating and some who just want to flaunt a concept and pose and call themselves entrepreneurs. For me, any startup that is making revenues and has a sound business fundamentals in place, should be respected and highlighted.

6. Do you effortlessly embrace fashion that comes in or you make your own style statement? 

I have my own style statement. It stems from convenience. Startups is hard work and you work 18 hrs a day. So something comfortable is what I like wearing. One good thing about having your own startup is that you can walk into office in a pair of shorts and a tee and still feel the same with your people.

7. So what is your and your teams’ style statement? Can you capture it in a photo for us?

My team is a mix of various styles. Below picture sums it up

BeeTheBuzz HSR

8. What are the top 3 reasons why the fashion will rule the startup culture?

Startups are cool. Fashion brings coolness. Entrepreneurs are known for their stage presence and for what they wear.

9. What differentiates you as person and your team from other startups/ from the competitive startup ecosystem?

We are realists as a team and I am an optimist as a leader. This blends into a great mix where we are aware of our present and also excited about the future. We as a team also believe in profitability and sustainability. These words have gone missing in the recent past but we would like to stay focused on it.

10. What advice you’d like to give the [other] millennials in launching their startups?

Align yourself with a global phenomenon, Identify and solve a real-life problem better than anyone in the world, Focus on revenues initially and on engagement eventually, you will sleep peacefully every night when done well!

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