Goodworklabs in conversation with Indigo Nation


Startup Nation – Are you IN?

As startup founders and entrepreneurs, our lives are forever occupied with never-ending tasks, sometimes 7 days work week and everyday startup challenges to grapple with. But somewhere in between all the hustle and hard work, we find meaning in our work lives and synthesize our personal life with the meaningful work that we commit to. And that is the generation we are speaking and connecting with – people like you, who grind it out yet find cool reasons to be your own boss and take decisions for yourself, independently and boldly.

As one of the coolest #StartupNation campaign, Indus League, a division of Future Lifestyle Fashion Ltd that serves the country’s youth, who believe in engineering change to steal the show, be your own cool kind of boss – whether in office or on the dance floor finds its resonance with the energetic, always-on and dynamic start-up ecosystem via its brand Indigo Nation.

Indigo Nation has always delivered fast fashion to the young Indian dude who forever aspires to be IN – and is for Gen Y whose morals, dress codes, heroes, hangouts, girlfriends, beliefs, aspirations and definitions are all temporary and short-lived. This brand typifies young, edgy and unconventional fashionable look for not only the new age generation start-ups, but also for people who believe in being their own kind of life owners who seize every opportunity that catapults positive change and vigour.

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To build a‘cult tribe’ of start-ups that share similar attributes likeIndigo Nation, the IN team takes a plunge into a conversation with these cool start-ups to get to know more about their start-up life’s the good and the not-so-good facets and how they best connect with their own kind of style and fashion – that not just speaks about them, but also the culture they cultivate in their company.

Goodworklabs in conversation with Indigo Nation

First, let’s take quick peek into GoodWorkLabs.

GoodWorkLabs is an award-winning new-age boutique software lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. They are different in a number of ways, they take up only select projects and they are passionate about making your product super-successful. They are known for our exceptional quality, innovation and timely delivery for every project they undertake.

The man behind this venture is Mr Vishwas Mudagal. Vishwas Mudagal is a Bangalore based No.1 best-selling author and a successful serial entrepreneur and CEO. An alumnus of RVCE, he is currently the CEO & Co-Founder of GoodWorkLabs, one of the fastest growing technology firms in the industry, which helps global companies, startups and entrepreneurs build high-end technology products (be it mobile apps, games or software products) and succeed in the market. Know more about his company – 

Storytelling is his passion and he has taken it up as his parallel career. He has become a best-selling sensation and a youth icon after the success of his debut novel ‘Losing My Religion,’ which is an inspiring yet entertaining story of a bankrupt entrepreneur who bounces back in life after he quits and joins an American hippie on an unchartered journey across India. It continues to grow in popularity globally and has been released in several languages, included Hindi and Kannada. 

Mudagal was named in the Top 11 personalities of Bangalore by Deccan Chronicle who have moved leaps and bounds in 2014. He received the ‘Star Entrepreneur Award’ from Indira Innovation Summit in 2011. He is also one of the top corporate and motivational speakers globally, having spoken at various TEDx talks, Youth Conferences, Tech Conclaves, colleges and companies. 

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Twitter: @vishwasmudagal



And so the conversation begins…

1. What defines your dream for living?

Creating awesome things. Converting bold and brilliant ideas into reality. Doing what I love and loving what I do. In fact, right now I am living my dream because I am following my two passions – entrepreneurship and storytelling. 

2. How does it feel to be your own boss?

It’s the best feeling ever! You get to create your own destiny; you own your failures or success in totality. You have all the freedom to do what you want to do. But with freedom comes responsibility. When you are the boss, you are responsible for your employees and their families. You are responsible for your clients and their success. So, it’s a double edged sword and one needs to be up to it. But I can assure you one thing—there will never be a dull day in your life.

3. What do you like doing apart from being a full-time entrepreneur?

I love to write stories. Writing is my passion, and I have embraced it as my parallel career. Fortunately, my debut novel ‘Losing My Religion’ went on to become a No.1 National Best-seller and continues to grow. I am now working on my next book, which will be a trilogy set in the near future. Apart from storytelling, I love to travel, watch movies, television series, and spending time with family and friends.

4. How do you define ‘change’ in your personal and professional life?

Change is constant in everyone’s life. Change is life, stagnation is death. Change is fun, stagnation is boring. Change is what you bring to this world; it’s your gift to humanity. If you follow the rules set by others (previous generations), you end up becoming just another person who roamed this planet aimlessly. But if you question the status quo, think differently and change the rules, you become a leader. We have to “be the change we wish to see around us.”

5. What are the coolest trends of startup world, which you’d like to share with your fellow audience?

The coolest trend that I have seen happens are youngsters, even teenagers, becoming successful entrepreneurs by creating meaningful and scalable startups. Gone are those days when people used to say—you are too young to take risks. Now, we say—you are young, it’s the right time to take risks and become big. When you are young, you can afford to fail multiple times and emerge successful in a few attempts.

Another trend I see is many women starting companies, which was not the case earlier. It’s heartening to see even couples turning co-founders and becoming successful. There is a long way for India as a nation to go when it comes to entrepreneurship and startups, but we are in the right direction and the change has already started.

Lastly, I always said that if and when a middle-class father agrees to marry his daughter to a bootstrapped entrepreneur, then we have arrived as a country. I think the dawn of those days has happened. (Moreover, this also means the fathers have faith in their daughters who would fund their husbands in case they fail☺)

6. Do you effortlessly embrace fashion that comes in or you make your own style statement? 

I make my own fashion statement but constantly look to embrace newer trends that suit my style. After all, change is the thing!

Vishwas as an Author                                                                         Vishwas as an Entrepreneur


7. So what is your and your teams’ style statement? Can you capture it in a photo for us?

I wear jeans, like all the time! And I pair it with t-shirts mostly and shirts, at times. I wear a lot of blazers, usually when I speak at events or meet clients. I like to experiment a bit every now and then but the bottom line is that I want to be well dressed all the time!

When it comes to my team at GoodWorkLabs, we are a pretty laid back bunch. We have an awesome UX Design studio in-house, where we design beautiful products that are kickass. These products could be mobile apps, games or software products. Everything we do has to be aesthetic and fresh, and this culture brings in a style statement that is cool and relaxed. The emphasis is on uncomplicating things, it just reflects in our attitude and in our fashion statement as well. 


8. What are the top 3 reasons why the fashion will rule the startup culture?

I’m not sure whether fashion will rule the startup culture, but it would definitely will be a key aspect of it. Here’s why! #1 –Your style sense speaks volumes about who you are and what your company is. Your fashion is an embodiment of your personality. It’s imperative to look cool in your own way. #2 –With a lot of youngsters starting companies in their early twenties, startup offices look hip and happening. This brings in an energy and atmosphere that brushes across ages and style gets contagious.

9. What differentiates you as person and your team from other startups/ from the competitive startup ecosystem?

I have always believed I’m special. I have always taken pleasure in thinking out of the box, and creating awesome things out of my ideas—be it companies, novels, products, initiatives, sketches, etc. I strive to nurture people around me to become better professionals, encourage them to dream big and persevere.

This reflects in the company I co-founded. GoodWorkLabs is a high-end outsourced product development firm that has grown 500% year-on-year in the last 2 years to become a multi-million-dollar company. We are a premium company and work with top clients globally to build their technology products (mobile apps, software products, games, UX). The products we build are of high-quality, beautiful, easy to use, and scale to millions of users. We are a benchmark when it comes to creating something awesome, that’s what differentiates us.

10. What advice you’d like to give the [other] millennials in launching their startups?

My advice to the millennialsis to start young, be shameless and experiment. Only when you experiment, you would find your true passion. Do what you love and love what you, always. But be practical, making money is equally important. Learn from your mistakes, don’t repeat them. Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is nothing. There is no concept of failure in life, there are only experiments. If you shut one company, learn from it and move on to the next one. Failures teach you a lot more than success does, it will teach you how not to fail again. I assure you success will be yours soon.Care a damn about what others think or say. Be bold, be fearless, follow your dreams and become awesome.

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