Carpe diem did it all!


Everything is subject to change – girlfriend, jobs, wardrobes – Life.

When David Guetta wrote this chartbuster song from his album, “Nothing but the Beat,” little did he know that it would soon become a rage in all the party circuits worldwide. Little did he also know that the five-word refrain from the song which goes as “We work hard, play hard,” would also come to symbolise the young and the restless to the tee

Characterized by sheer agility and a “Subject to change” attitude, the Indigo Nation man believes in the religion of here and now and not in yesterdays and tomorrows! Unapologetic, and often unabashed in their ways, the chap engineers change rather than merely embracing it.

Indigo nation - Subject to Change

Bohemian in thoughts and flamboyant in persona, the uber confidence with which they swing around make them steal the show, whether in office or on the dance floor. They are the ones who challenge sobriety with chutzpah!

With a laid back easy going attitude they take the world by storm. Witty and innovative these guys are always on top of their game and are not afraid of living on the edge. Fickle minded and always looking for change they own the latest fashion, technology and the job everyone dreams of. Professionals by day, rock stars by night no one knows fun better than they do.

They are the street-smart lot, adept at handling most problems with aplomb. One pick-up line here, one wink there is all they need to curve their way out of any mess. And when they emerge out, they are still the same charming young prince — albeit unconventional — but one with a cool quotient and a chill factor.

Indigo nationIndigo Nation - Subject to Change

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